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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please contact us via our contact form for a custom order enquiry. Please ensure to include details such as; type of garment/what it is for, size and timeframe.

Between 1 - 4 weeks. For garments with a print, we require at least 2 weeks as this is how long it takes for us to get the fabrics printed. If it is a rush order, please contact us and we will see if we can help, however we recommend allowing four weeks plus freight time if you are wanting your garment before an event.

If the wait time on garments is expected to be beyond 4 weeks, we will contact you directly to let you know and see how you would like to proceed.

You can find our size chart here.
Yes! One of the many benefits of purchasing garments through a small brand include the ability to have garments customised to your size and/or height. Please keep in mind, depending on the type and amount of alterations/custom changes needed, this service may incur an additional fee on top of the garment cost.
We define sustainability as the ability to maintain natural resources provided to us by the Earth. We see it as our responsibility, where possible, to replenish all that we use and properly discard of the waste we create to prevent polution to our beautiful home. Sustainability also encompasses the people creating the garments we treasure, to ensure the fashion industry is promoting liveable wages and good working conditions for its workforce.
An important part of our design process includes choosing natural base cloths that have options for reusing, repusposing, recycling and composting. You will notice that most of our garments are made form 100% cotton or cotton/linen blends, as these are natural fibres that are biodegradabe, making them better for the environment in terms of long-term pollution.

All garments created by AUREI LÚA are produced by designer Tamika Sewell in our small studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Every part of the design and manufacturing processes are completed in-house, including: designing, pattern-making, sampling, material sourcing and manufacturing. Any outsourcing that may be needed is done though local small businesses.

Return to Repurpose is a take back service we offer our customers. As part of this process, we take the responsibility of garment disposal from our customer and offer to do this on their behalf.

To participate in Return to Repurpose, fill out the contact form on our website with the name of the garment/s you're looking to return to us (you can find this information on your order confirmation email, or when you login to your account on the website). If you can't find these details, please attach a photo of the garment for us.

Once we receive your form, we will create a shipping label and email this through to you so you can post the garment/s back to us for free. Simply wrap the clothing in brown paper, stick on the shipping label and take to your nearest post office!

No. This is a completely optional process.

Return to Repurpose is completely optional. We suggest Return to Repurpose if you outgrow the garment, it is severely stained, damaged beyond repair, or maybe you don’t wear it anymore.

Yes! We appreciate you taking the time to take care of the planet we share.

No. We suggest contacting Upparel to send these in yourself.

No. This service is simply for those wanting to ensure their garment is going into the correct waste stream (reuse, repurpose, recycle or compost) after the end of it's life.

Depending on the amounts we have, and the condition they are in, some hardware may be removed from garments and donated to Worne World in Melbourne to be resold to designers. In other cases, hardware remains on the garments as Upparel often donates wearable clothing to disadvantaged individuals.

We care about where our clothes end up at the end of their lives! We understand that fashion accounts for a lot of landfill, and this is the last thing we want for our clothing. Accepting responsibility for our creations, and taking the pressure off of our customers in the process is, in our opinion, a step in the right direction.

When creating the brand, founder Tamika Sewell thought back to her personal experiences in fashion as both a consumer and producer and something that kept surfacing was the issue of the lack of communication between brands and consumers regarding garment disposal.

Many brands offer organic or biodegradable fabric options, just as we do, however these garments do still end up in landfill. 100% cotton can be gone in five months when composed properly, and linen as little as two weeks if it is pure, however landfill is not a proper composting environment for these fibres.

Return to Repurpose aims to address both of these issues by offering our customers to opportunity to return their garments to us at the end of their life. Whether they are badly stained, damaged, or perhaps just not worn anymore - we are offering to take back our garments so we can put them into a waste stream relevant for the fabric composition.