Fall / Winter 2021


Gaia ~ The personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial goddesses. She is the ancenstral mother of all life, she is mother nature. 

The gentle and free nature of Gaia herself is the muse behind this collection. Natural shapes, textures, colours and patterns that appear in nature have been considered and experimented with throughout the design process. The relaxed and voluminous silhouettes accompanied by beautiful fine details create a luxurious outfit for this adventurous woman. 

Warm, Earthy colours have be used throughout this collection and contrasted with the white colour of the hero shirt. The lace has been used on the sleeves and collar of this shirt to add detail to the simple silhouette. This techquique is carried throughout the collection, with the close attention to details. These details include coordinated pocket and pant piping, covered buttons, pleated pockets, inverted pant pockets and contrasting panels. Line has been carefully considered with the waist seamline and lantern sleeve seams meeting, and the princess seam of the shirt flowing through to the pocket bags on the pant.

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