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Our mission is to inspire self-confidence to modern women around the world, while addressing key sustainability issues in Australia's fashion market.

To us, sustainability is the ability to maintain natural resources provided to us by the Earth. We see it as our responsibility, where possible, to replenish all that we use and properly discard of the waste we create to prevent pollution to our beautiful home. Sustainability also encompasses the people creating the garments we treasure, to ensure the fashion industry is promoting liveable wages and good working conditions for its workforce.

An important part of our design process includes choosing natural base cloths that have options for reusing, repurposing, and recycling. You will notice that most of our garments are made from 100% cotton or cotton/linen blends as these are natural fibres that are biodegradable, making them better for the environment in terms of long-term pollution. Of course, the production of these fabrics do not come without their sustainability challenges, and there are certainly still many things to be addressed in the fabric manufacturing chain, however we do the best we can to source local, suitable and sustainable fabrics for our collections. Local, small scale production means little to no dead-stock.

Thinking about our personal experiences in fashion as both a consumer and producer, something we believe really needs to be addressed is the lack of communication between manufacturers and consumers about garment disposal. Many brands offer organic or biodegradable fabric options, just as we do, however these garments do still end up in landfill. 100% cotton can be gone in five months when composed properly, and linen as little as two weeks if it is pure (source), however landfill is not a proper composting environment for these fibres. So the question becomes, is it sustainable to leave our garments rotting on the planet until they finally breakdown?

We think we can do better.



Return to Repurpose was idealised by designer, Tamika Sewell, when facing questions about how brands can work with customers to help with the recycling of their products. How can we take accountability for the disposal of our garments? How can we help and support our customer in this process? Is there a way we can bridge the gap between textile recycling depots and the consumer? If this gap is bridged by the brand, will customers be less daunted by the idea of recycling their loved clothing? There are all questions that Tamika set out answer in the Return to Repurpose initiative.

Return to Repurpose is a system we are implementing in our business to enable our customers to return their garments to us at the end of their life. Whether they are badly stained, damaged, or perhaps just not worn anymore – we are offering to take back our garments so we can put them into a waste stream relevant for the fabric composition. Undamaged buttons, zippers, and other notions are removed from the garments and kept by us to reuse in future collections, or donated to other local artisans for reuse.


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